Record your
life stories on video

…and make sure your milestones and achievements
are recognised and remembered for years to come 

Everyone has a story to tell. Regrettably many people’s achievements, lifetime adventures and experiences end up unrecorded and overlooked. Now, thanks to SoFar-MyLife, such oversights are a thing of the past. Using broadcast professionals and creatives, we enable you to shine a light on those milestones and memories, ensuring those cherished (and conceivably challenging) chapters from yesteryear are recorded for posterity.


Remotely online in standard video format


Remotely online in high-definition video


Remotely online in audio-only for the camera shy


At a location of your choosing utilizing a professional television crew

Options 1-3 are all recorded in the comfort of your own home using professional interviewers
and SoFar-MyLife’s cutting edge online studios.

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Professional direction from start to finish

…to breathe life and colour into your backstory

Headed up by Howard Stableford – Fox TV’s chief science correspondent and former BBC Tomorrow’s World presenter – the SoFar-My Life presenter team offer the ultimate professional approach to bring your story to life. And each one has been trained to guide you every step of the way.

An online interview

Howard Stableford

How we do it

Interviews conducted online use So-Far-My Life’s virtual studios that offer easy-to-use technology that is not available to the public at large. Unlike popular platforms, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, it is simpler to use and not compromised by compression issues that can lead to quality issues. Our dedicated studios record and upload video exactly as it is filmed. And you will have the guidance of professional interviewers during takes (and retakes) along with the expertise of video editors who not only add that extra professional polish but cut out any inadvertent mumbles or stumbles.

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